Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Just a Little Olympics Post

There has been so much said, but no wonder as it has all been so fantastic, I just wanted to add a little post to say 'Go team GB, you have done us all proud'!

So far Team GB has notched up 48 medals, other teams I am pitching for are Italy with 17, 3 of them in archery, Germany with 32, and - for Daughter#2's sake who still thinks she is Russian - Russia with 48. Daughter#2 and I watched the synchronised swimming yesterday and she was so pleased with their gold for the doubles. An under-rated sport is synchronised swimming, but there is hope the Olympics will boost take up for learning it.

Keep it up all of you taking part, from all countries, and remember it is the taking part not just the winning, for them to have reached team qualification is fantastic in itself.

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