Saturday, 25 September 2010


It's one of those weekends! Inundated with girls around the house and limited to which rooms we're allowed in.

C and I will be closed into our bedroom watching the smallest tv in the house, A will probably play with the guineas in her room, while a pile of girls will be making themselves comfy in the living room, whipping up popcorn in the kitchen, running around in the corridors and tying up the loo just when we need it the most. Well, at least E will be happy.

The house has been cleaned to an inch of it's life, the kitchen is stacked up with all the treats E likes possible, and her room has been re-organized to fit 4 girls and their luggage, bedding, make-up, DVDs, cuddly toys and anything else they might bring. Later my room will also be filled with anything we might need too, as leaving it unless for an emergency is strictly forbidden.

Tomorrow, the house will still be filled but this time it'll be by 4 sleepy girls rather than the 4 excited ones, they'll have chatted till late into the night, giggled till their tummies hurt and scoffed all those tasty treats waiting for them. And me? I'll be just as sleepy, having waited till silence reigns in the house. Grouch that I am, I'll be glad when it's all over.

Eek! There goes the doorbell now! Wish us luck...

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