Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Day After

Well, we survived, and I have to say it all went swimmingly. The bunch of girls E has as friends really are nice. This made for a pleasant evening, though the rest of us were relegated to our bedroom, A playing computer games till way past time to retire to her own bed.

As to when the girls fell asleep, well, after the first request to 'please go to sleep' at 1.30 the second at 2am finally worked  - albeit amid a few 'Aaah's'. How they didn't all look like bleary eyed monsters the next morning is, no doubt, due to youthfulness unlike the older mama (namely me).

Lots of fun was had by all, it seems. Plenty of snacks, their own home-made pizzas, more snacks, DVDs, snacks, murder in the dark, giggling, chatting and snacks.

C was just glad that he didn't have to play the chauffeur on this occasion, drop offs and pick ups being organised between the parents of the girls. That's it now for the foreseeable future - excuse me while I go for a laydown.

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