Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Big Welcome

Hi  and welcome to all readers to our new blog.

What's this all about? you may be wondering, and , to be honest, so am I.

Daughter number two has recently started secondary school and was impatient to get to the bus taking her there this morning, while daughter number one was more blase about it having been there for two years already. Rushing to get there on time Daughter number two maintained a silent tramp while Daughter number one chatted nineteen to the dozen about sleepovers, favourite movies and what dishes she was due to be cooking at school. Both excited, both happy and both looking forward to whatever the day was going to bring in their very different ways.

It was a lovely almost Autumn day as I was hurrying to meet my two lovely girls coming home at the end of the day, I just got to thinking that these moments will one day be a distant memory, what better way to help keep these memories fresh than writing them down? Even better, how about putting these memories onto the 'net'?

So here we are, hope you'll enjoy.

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