Monday, 27 January 2014

Caterpillar Birthday Cake

Would you like to see the wonderful birthday cake creation I made for Daughter#2 the other day? Actually, as usual I didn't get around to making her one, and, even worse, didn't manage to buy one in secret for her. Usually I choose something lovely and tailored to her likes but this time I didn't and don't even have the excuse of being too busy. However, it was not a problem as she went out with The Chauffeur and chose one herself. A supermarket chocolate caterpillar one which really is intended for young children. She was happy enough with it to post it up on facebook saying that 'actually she liked it', the comment and photo was in turn 'liked' by many of her friends.

In an attempt to jolly it up a little we popped it my brand new cake stand added a few edible flowers around it and stuck in some tall thin candles which were of the fizzing variety.

The ubiquitous blowing out photo. This needed lots of blowing as the candles are not only fizzing but re-starter types. It didn't taste too bad, surprisingly. Unfortunately The Chauffeur liked it a little too well and finished off the last slice a couple of days later before Daughter#2 got to it.

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