Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A - Z Challenge


The list is open again and in just a few days has gown hugely. I love this challenge though my posts are really not very good, it's just so enjoyable trying to keep up and I do love to read other people's blogs while they are doing the same thing. But do it again this year? I find it hard to post each day although I do try to make a start on them earlier on. I keep having sneaky looks at the list as it grows and check out the odd blog, maybe it might be better to not do it this year and just read and comment. But as time goes on I can feel myself linking in. Hmmm.

Arlee Bird's idea was such a clever one, so simple but so hard at the same time, Challenge is the correct term for it. Make a new post each day for 28 day days in April, each one beginning with the letter of the alphabet in order - you get Sundays off. Easy! Or is it? People often use themes, such varied and interesting ones, that's what sucks me in, really. Even the ones without a theme make you wonder what they'll be posting about on the next letter to come.

So tempting, but so hard.

The community spirit is another factor for the the enjoyment, you're all in it together, many others finding it hard to fit around life commitments or just to come up with ideas, but all bucking each other on in the comment boxes. Helping each other.

I am, I'm going to do it. I even have a theme idea but need to check it out. Linky list - here I come...

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