Sunday, 14 November 2010

A few of 'A's Favourite Things

After an absence due to a very worrying week where we haven't felt up to updating this blog on account of health reasons of a close and much loved relative here we are back again.

Here are, as title says, some of  A's favourite things, photographed in her bedroom.

A poster of her beloved Totti, given by good friends of her grandparents, hanging on her wall.

The Tardis of Dr Who, which she enjoys watching on TV, with one of her many money boxes next to it. A Scouts badge is in front.

  Some of her football trophys, with football medallions in the picture below - she loves playing in her team

The Roma scarf, also from the friends of her grandparents. This is the team she supports. A few stars and planets below it.

The luminous planets hanging from her ceiling - these ensure her room never gets dark, no matter how dark the night might be. A moon which, with the flick of a switch, lights up and changes with the phases of the monthly moon cycles

A cap and badges from the German police given by her aunty who is in this occupation. This is the job A is looking forward to doing when she's old enough. She's put a pair of dark glasses next to them... wonder if this is to look 'cooler' while wearing the cap... more the style of the Italian police, really!

A very rare shot of A, herself, actually cleaning her room, taken surreptitiously, of course, the chauffeur supervising to the side of the pic. Do you like the very fashionable two colour socks?

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