Friday, 5 November 2010


The colours of Autumn are so beautiful, all those golds, reds and russets. I love this time of year, chilly enough to curl up with a book in front of the fire with a steaming mug of hot chocolate ( a big favourite of A actually, she loves to me us some) and when outdoors those crisp days full of colour. 

Of course in this country it really only lasts a day or two before the drizzle sets in and the days, rather than being crisp are just damp and dismal. But if you can get out and take a walk somewhere to see the trees in that window of proper Autumn it is so worth it.

I've cheated here with these photos as they actually come form Germany, a country which knows how to do proper cold.

Here are a few pics of the girls and their cousin playing in the leaves, kicking them up as high as they can and over each other if possible, unfortunately my photos were't up to catching that as well as I'd hoped. The girls pretend to be too grown up to be children these days, but now and again we get a glimpse of their real playfulness. If this were a video you'd have heard all the giggling and calling out to each other going on.

It was a lovely day, we'd been to see an old Schloss, then had a rest here for a while so the baby could get a feed, then onto the next part where we saw lots of birds of prey and owls. A specially liked going up to find out the names of the birds, she found some of them highly amusing, such as Igor and Helga, and couldn't stop laughing. One had the same name as the Chauffeur's sister so we spent some time talking with a worker who just happened to be passing who was very happy to tell us how this big ugly bird liked ripping it's prey to shreds and how it used to go for bears - quite unlike it's namesake our SIL.

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