Saturday, 28 February 2015

Blame Shifting

I'm feeling quite sickened at certain blame shifting that's been shown on the media in the last couple of days. The vile so called Jihadi John has been (most probably) identified and the people who worked on his behalf some years ago have only to say about him that he was a 'beautiful human being'. Yes, one who was 'pushed' into beheading men by knife, threatening the West and putting huge amounts of fear into people's hearts was doing so due to harassment from the very institutions set up to protect us from people like him.

Huh? I don't get it? So, he is suspected of being in league with and trying to join a terrorist organisation who want to bring the West down and do away with Muslims they don't count as the real deal. MI5 and such prevent him from going, he gets cross, escapes and joins an even worse terrorist organisation and does even worse things than anyone would have imagined. And it's all the fault of stopping him from going? Blame shifting, that's all it is. He has done horrific acts of cruelty.  He did them, he wanted to, he wasn't forced to. No-one put the knife in his hand. Secret services may have bothered him and now we can clearly see why. Why pass the blame?

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