Thursday, 10 April 2014

Inter Milan, Juventus and other Football

Last night I realised I had no I idea for the A-Z Challenge and was about to fall asleep when I mentioned it to The Chauffeur. What can I talk about beginning with I about my series of Italy, I bemoaned. He immediately said Inter Milan, helped no doubt by having watched a match by them last night. He even brought up the coming World Cup. Hooray for The Chauffeur, I now have an I.

So, it has to be said that one thing Italians are good at is football. They are fantastic in fact. Soccer to any Americans reading this, not sure if soccer is more popular in  Canada, maybe someone could put me right on this. The main home games are called Seria A and is watched by millions and talked about the next day after every match, generally very heatedly. A couple of the best local teams are Inter Milan and Juventus who both usually vie for the top of the league tables and from where a lot of the players in the Italy football team are pulled. Some of the best players over the years being Buffon, Ronaldo, Zanetti, Schillaci, Tardelli and Vialli. 

Juventus is based in Turin who also have a team named Torino. I have family who live there who follow Torino the lesser of the teams in regards to their achievements. Lazio has two teams, Lazio and Roma and again my family there follow Roma which is usually also the underdog, not sure what this says about my family? I do believe Roma is doing pretty well at the moment. 

This year is the time of the football World Cup which I am very much looking forward to. As said previously Italy is good at Football and has won the World Cup 4 times, more than almost every other nation, only Brazil doing better. The first match this year for Italy is against England, where I live. Who do I support? I'm worried about England losing to them, I actually want Italy to win but living here means it's going ot be difficult the next day seeing everyone's sad faces, though I might be being presumptous.

I've been in Italy when there was a World Cup, when they win no matter how late at night it is people jump in their cars and drive round the streets blaring their horns for hours. When they lose no-one speaks the next day, glum faces all round, everyone gets into the emotions, adults, children, grandparents no matter the age. When they win the Cup everyone is out all night, at the Piazza, making noise dancing hugging. Wonder how it'll pan out this year. 

Are you watching, who will you be hoping to win?


vftmom247 said...

Oh, great sympathies on the World Cup. American here living in Germany. SO not looking forward to the US-DE match!

DayDreamer said...

Oh dear, I've fingers crossed for good luck for you.

Raquel Somatra said...

Hello! Lovely blog, here!

I haven't any idea about the goings-ons of soccer (in the US here) so this was definitely an educational read! I actually don't watch sports, ever, but my husband is a fan of all of them, so I do hear about it all the time. ;) Good luck to all your teams.

Liz Blocker said...

I'm a silly American, so it's rather difficult to watch these matches! You have to have the special sports channels, etc. I really do like football (soccer ;) ) but U rarely get to see it!

loverofwords said...

I think soccer is such a better sport for boys than American football, safer too. The exercise you get is amazing!

DayDreamer said...

Thank you, Raquel, for your nice comment. Your husband may be watching the World Cup this year, so you might hear too much, lol.

Liz, the American soccer teams are doing better every year, and putting up a good fight against the longer playing teams now. They make for a good game.

Loverofwords, my daughter used to play soccer for years and got so fit from it. It's set her up really well for keeping her body fit and well now.