Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Wishes

Hello after another long absence - must stop doing that, sorry.

So, Happy Easter to you all, I do hope you have all been having a great day with lots of choccy. It's been a chilly day here but lots of lovely sunshine to brighten us all up after a long stretch of dismal grey days. Perfect for the little Easter egg hunt I laid on for the girls. There was a bit of denial from Daughter#1 who tried telling me now she is 16 she is far too old to do an egg hunt but I knew she'd go for it once set up.

It was a bit of a different one this year as usually I use clues found from google searches and hide lots of mini eggs in the appropriate hiding places but this time I couldn't find any suitable clues for teenagers so just hid eggs around the house and garden meaning the girls just hunted everywhere for them. I'm sure they didn't find them all and we'll be coming across mini eggs for months to come but they had a nice collection by the end. Then they needed to answer a few maths questions, also found online, to 'win' their main eggs. Do you know, Daughter#1 really enjoyed it and got right into the spirit of it all, no good trying to grow up before you're ready, is there?

A shame there doesn't seem to be anything in the line of treasure hunt clues online, do not people imagine teenagers like to play around in this way? Surely they aren't just little adults but also big kids too. Next year I shall enlist the help of someone more 'clued up' in the art of making treasure hunt clues for the girls to search out the eggs, FIL did a very nice job of it some years back and said he enjoyed that so no doubt I'll be entreating his help again.

The photo above are the eggs that the girls 'won'. Spring colours, heralding in Spring proper for us all, let's hope.

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