Thursday, 13 September 2012

Our New Sink has made my Heart Sink

Pathetic, I know - both the pun and the sentiment.

But I am in fact disappointed in my new sink as it has proved to be so small. I was very much looking forward to my kitchen extension but there have needed to be so many compromises. For instance we won't have room for a large fridge freezer with added ice maker when the time comes to replace the one we have, there also won't be room for the dining table I envisioned for large family and friend meals, we will only have room for a tiny table to seat two or three people, so gone are the ideas of Christmas dinner sat cheerful and laughing altogether. Several other more minor compromises or losses have been experienced, and now I find my double sink, although classed as two full sized bowls are far smaller than the single I have now. I believe this is due to sinks being made smaller in general now as new houses and kitchens are being built so much smaller than they were and certain appliances are downsizing to fit, plus the use of dishwashers has risen so larger sinks are often generally not needed anyway. Personally I prefer to wash up myself, it's much quicker and you don't have those dirty dishes hanging around in the dishwasher for too long. But it won't be so easy to wash up my larger pots and pans now.

Yes, I know there are worse things to worry about or be-moan but I am allowed to feel sad that my dream kitchen will only be a kitchen now.


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Well, the pun made me smile! I can completely understand your disappointment, I'd be the same. When I put my mind to something, I want it to work out exactly as planned and if my vision doesn't work out I can get pretty upset... Hope it will all work out in the end :-) Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, have a lovely evening xo

DayDreamer said...

Thank you. I'm sure it will all work out well. There will be lots of improvements, really, which I just need to remember.

Althea Tumlin said...

This isn't pathetic at all. The pun's cute too. Hehe. Well, you'll have your dream kitchen soon. And you can always have that Christmas dinner you've always wanted. :)