Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Moving In Laws

For the last couple of years my In Laws have been living in France all the while trying to sell, in a very slow market, their large and pretty house. They have had a few problems with their living arrangements while out in France. They wanted to buy a place of their own and searched for a long time, finding instead what seemed to be the perfect place to rent. Unfortunately for them the owners decided to sell this wonderful house with it's large glass room, but at a price far out of my In Laws reach. So the perfect place with it's own swimming pool surrounded by apple orchards had to be abandoned.

Not so long after they finally had a buyer for the UK house and have also found a lovely place to buy in France. It has all seemed so timely, some good luck for them for a change. So, it is the big move for them now.

They have returned to the UK in their little campervan to get things sorted, and as I type The Chauffeur and Daughter#2 are with them helping out. They have their different piles, these items to go to the tip, those to go to charity and those to sell on a driveway sale. The Chauffeur is also selecting what to keep for ourselves. We are slightly hoarderish so really could do with nothing at all, but he's bringing some antiques he simply can't bear to see go, including an early Victorian chest of drawers. We are also acquiring 3 - yes 3 - sets of golf clubs, great when none of us actually play! I'm a little concerned about what else he's bringing home. He didn't let me or Daughter#1 go with him so as to keep as much space left in the car as possible for goodies. I do feel mean, though, as Mother in Law is packing all her fragile bits herself, apparently the moving firm won't do this.

The photo above is the area they live in, the Haute Pyrenees, surrounded on all sides by large mountains, the largest of them being the Canigou. It's lush and fertile, dry in the Summer and snowy in Winter. They absolutely love it there spending much of their time walking those mountains. I'm sure I'll post more photos of the area once they've moved in to their new abode.


Archna Sharma said...

Wow, the virtue of patience. Hooray to them! Trees and mountains and when seasons are real, I couldn't imagine a more beautiful setting.


DayDreamer said...

It is lovely there, and in such a wild place the seasons can be seen exactly as they are, unlike diluted in the towns and cities.