Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring... in the air. Blue skies, warmer weather, flowers appearing, brighter days. Doesn't everything feel so much better when the it's so much brighter and you don't feel so wrapped up in layers and layers of clothing? Here are a couple of flowers just appearing in our garden, and the tree outside.

This one is a quince, though we never get the fruit from it.

                                           Close up on the quince


These will be peonies - bit fat pink flowers which will be so heavy they'll pull down the branches they are attached to

                                         This is the colour of the sky today

The willow tree in the children's nursery over the road, see the little birch tree in front still just a bunch of twigs at the moment. The round yellow thing in it's branches are a hula hoop the primary school children have thrown up, any bets on how long it'll stay? We're betting at least till the end of the school year.

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