Monday, 30 January 2012

Well, Hi There!

Ohh, it's been so long since I've posted, and my blog is so not happy about that. It's been nagging lately to get a post done, this in the way of back of the mind way. Whilst browsing the net I've come across some darn good blogs too, which have been making me feel even guiltier. So! Here I am back again and raring to go.

But what shall I actually blog about?? There have been some rather nasty changes lately which I don't want to go into and aside from those there's been nothing much of interest to say. I think I will just talk about the family and what we are doing right now.

Daughter #1 has just done a few of her GCSE modules and is not feeling too optimistic about them. She's doing triple science at school and now wishes she'd worked to her strength and only done two sciences, it's the science GCSE's she's been doing, so we'll see.

Daughter#2 is spending oh so much time in her room watching her latest faddy programme of Absolutely Fabulous, strangely, while lying on her bed eating yoghurts and toasted sandwiches.

The Chauffeur is just doing his usual of taking care of us all wonderfully well. He could do with a few more hours at work, or perhaps a lot more hours as all his are being eroded, this in an indirect but definite link to the governments ideas of 'helping' us. Right at this minute he is out picking up DD1 from her piano lesson which she's still taking though reluctantly.

Me, well my hours on my little online job have been increased so am receiving lots more pay which is absolutely fabulous in itself and makes me very happy. I've also been inspired from some of these other blogs to do more home cooking and even a bit of crafting, so will post up piccys if this actually happens.

Right, well, that's enough of nothing to say and I'll pop back again soon as I remember - promise.