Monday, 31 January 2011


Today is cold and grey, so to cheer myself up Here's some yellow.

Hope it cheers you up too.

Friday, 28 January 2011

New Laptop

Last night we decided E needed a new laptop as the one she has, our old Toshiba which cost a fortune but was very powerful, has more lines on the screen than actual screen. It takes about 3 minutes to load every page and has now developed a blank strip stopping her from seeing much in it.

So today the Chauffeur and I toddled off to the stores and took a look at what was available. We went to Comet first, spent 20 minutes examining the merchandise, had a random bloke advise us, then toddled off to Currys and did the same there, though advised by a member of the staff this time. Had a good look at all the prices and memorised them and went back to Comet, went back to Currys and did it all again - keeping up??

OK, we finally knew what we wanted so returned back to Comet and bought ourselves a Hewlett Packard. Good price, nice long battery time, dual core, speedy, 4 GBs, etc. Black to E's disapointment, never mind, she doesn't get the spanking new lappy, I do! E has my old Dell which is still in perfectly good working order, and even better is pink, so she's very happy. How are we to get her to stick to using it for homework now, rather than Facebook, games, whatever?

So, this is a hello from my new lappy, and a belated hello from me after a long absence, HELLO.